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Radio Communications

We have over 40 years experience in two-way radio communications and are a dealer for RELMâ„¢ Radio Products. Our shop is equipped to program these products and we have extensive test equipment including tracking generators, spectrum analyzers, service monitor, and watt meters. We repair two-way radio equipment, track interference problems, and evaluate performance of repeater systems.

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two-way radio system requirements for portable and/or base
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RM800 Series Mobile Radios

The RM800 Series Mobile Radio (RM8125 & RM8150) goes the extra mile by offering a wide array of features and options

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Top Features

  • 256 or 512 Memory Channels
  • Embedded Radio Information
  • 16 Personal Templates for Channel Settings
  • Full Built-in Tone-signaling
  • 5/6 Programmable Keys
  • Lone Work and Security Check
  • Remote Kill/Stun/Activate/Revive
  • Multiple Emergency Calls
  • Call Authorization
  • Flexible Call Operations
  • PLL Steps
  • High and Low Power
  • Optional Selection Tone (OST)
  • Meets MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F
  • Key Lock
  • Lowest Volume Audibility
  • Power-on Self-inspection
  • High/Middle/Low Power Switch
  • Ignition Switch
  • Versatile Scanning Features
  • Personalized Alert TonePassword
  • Protection
  • PTT ID and Contact List
  • 14 Segments LCD
  • Repeater/Talk Around
  • Busy Channel Lockout (BCLO)
  • Time-out Timer (TOT)
  • Hook Scan Function
  • Dual Home Channels
  • Wired Clone
  • External Our for Horn Drive
  • 4W Front-mounted Speaker
  • Upgradable Software
  • FCS
  • GPS (RM8125)
  • VOX (RM8125)

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