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Types of Projects

  • Manufactures high voltage power supplies ranging from milliwatts to kilowatts.
  • Units have been designed and manufactured for military night vision equipment, X-Ray image intensifiers, photomultipliers, high resolution projection systems utilized in aircraft simulators, pulse and CW Lasers, and explosives detonation equipment
  • Low voltage units with AC and DC inputs have been designed and manufactured for powering transmitters utilized to control military jet drones, units to power energy management systems, and redundant units used to power oil field well logging equipment.

Typical Products


Input 28 VDC, Outputs 36 kV, 3 mA, 0.02% Regulation, Grid outputs (3ea) adjustable 0-1200 VDC. Protection shutdown <10 uS or 10 microseconds.. Overcurrent protection standard. Model 10106B.



Input 1.5 VDC, 30 Ma, Output 16 kV, 1 uA (1 Microampere) of power.


Battery operated Exploding Bridge Wire Detonator utilized in the oil industry.


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