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Computer Networking. We have:

  • Extensive experience recovering data from failed hard drives.
  • Design computer systems and maintain the systems, including servers with automatic tape or cartridge drive backup; systems with mirrored drives and/or RAID drives to prevent loss of data; and installing specialized software utilized by real estate firms; attorney's, and title companies.
  • We can also evaluate your system and make recommendations for upgrades, installation of UPS systems, and more. . . .


Is this you? Don't know what to do? Virus got you?

We can help!

Evaluation of Your Project

Free Evaluations . We will provide an honest evaluation of your project along with detailed estimates of costs.

Call us today at 830-751-3220 or complete the form on our "Contact Us" page, and we will get back to you.

Webpage Design/Maintenance

Gay Carnes of Pipe Creek, Texas, designed our website and keeps it updated. She is also our "go-to" person for you. She has been designing websites since 2005 and specializes in custom web design and development for the average business or person who wants a website but does not want to go to the large commercial entities, who charge megabucks for website design. Click here to go to her website.

  • Webpage design
  • Maintenance
  • Responsive websites. A responsive website automatically adjusts the viewing area based on the device a person is using, such as smart phones, tablets, and desktops, etc. In this day and time, based on all the available data and the fact that people are using more mobile gadgets to search the web, it is imperative that your website be responsive. In fact, Google marks your site down on the list if your site is not responsive.